UK antitrust agency recommends tough regulations to curb Google’s Facebook

Britain’s competition watchdog, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), on Wednesday called on the government to introduce tougher new rules to curb The market position of Facebook and Google after a year-long review of the digital advertising market. The CMA said today that it is proposing a new regulatory regime with enforcement powers to try and open up competition in the digital advertising market. The CMA said: “Existing laws are not suitable for effective regulation and a new pro-competition regulatory regime should be established.” “。

There is no doubt that this proposal goes directly to Google and Facebook, which control 80 per cent of the UK’s online advertising market.

UK antitrust agency recommends tough regulations to curb Google's Facebook

“Through market research, we know how major online platforms such as Google and Facebook operate and how they use digital advertising to drive their business models,” ANDREA Coscelli, CMA’s CEO, said in a statement. “

“What we find worrying is that individuals and businesses will suffer if the market forces of these companies are not controlled. People will continue to hand over more unnecessary personal data, and a lack of competition may mean higher prices for goods and services purchased online, and we may miss out on the benefits of the next innovative digital platform. “

The CMA wants an enforceable code of conduct that prohibits “exploitative or exclusive sex.” The agency also wants to force Google to share data with rival search engines and force Facebook to make it easier for competitors to operate on its platform. In addition, the CMA wants to give regulators the power to spin them off if the platforms consider monopoly.

“Our clear recommendation to the government is to create a new, competitive regulatory regime that addresses the concerns we have identified and regulates an industry that is vital to our lives,” Cosseri said. “

Google and Facebook have yet to comment.