Google Facebook responds to UK antitrust agency: willing to keep conversation

Google and Facebook later responded to plans by UK antitrust authorities to introduce new rules to curb the market position of big technology companies, saying they are willing to maintain dialogue and constructive cooperation with UK regulators. Earlier today, it was reported that the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), the UK’s competition watchdog, on Wednesday called on the government to introduce tougher new rules to curb The market position of Facebook and Google after a year-long review of the digital advertising market.

Google Facebook responds to UK antitrust agency: willing to keep conversation

Specifically, the CMA wants an enforceable code of conduct that prohibits “exploitative or exclusive sexual behaviour.” The agency also wants to force Google to share data with rival search engines and force Facebook to make it easier for competitors to operate on its platform. In addition, the CMA wants to give regulators the power to spin them off if the platforms consider monopoly.

In response, Ronan Harris, Google’s uk and Irish marketing director, said: “Digital advertising can help companies find customers and support websites that people know and love. “

“Today, advertisers can choose from a wide range of competing platforms to deliver the most effective and innovative forms of advertising and products. We support regulation that benefits individuals, businesses and societies, and we will continue to work constructively with regulators and governments in these important areas to make the most of the network for everyone. “

A Facebook spokesman said the company faced “intense competition from new competitors such as Google, Apple, Snap, Twitter and Amazon, as well as TikTok.” “

“It’s important to let people control how their data is collected and used, which is why we’ve introduced industry-leading tools that let people control how their data is used.” We’re also exploring new ways for people to transfer their data to other services through our Data Transfer Project. “

“As the UK economy recovers, we look forward to engaging with UK government agencies with rules designed to protect consumers and help small businesses rebuild.” “