Bing App feature updates: Improved Dark Mode support for Android 10

Microsoft has just launched a new version of the client to Android 10 users, and in addition to bug fixes and speed optimization, the new version also improves support for dark mode so interested friends can download the experience on the Google Play Store. Once installed, users can view beautiful wallpapers from around the world through Bing, earn points when searching (redeemable for store gift cards such as Amazon/Starbucks), swipe up the home page for personalized updates, and have text-reading mode that enhances focus.

Bing App feature updates: Improved Dark Mode support for Android 10

(From: Google Play, via MSPU)

Interestingly, Bing App also has a built-in barcode scanning feature to make it easier for users to save money. For entertainment, you can find your favorite items in the Bing app, track event updates, find pop music and recipes, nearby offers, movie schedules, and the price of the day.

The new version also improves camera search, making it easy to take photos and retrieve photos in Bing Apps, whether it’s animals, landmarks, or even fashion. If you find typing too cumbersome, you can also have a real-time voice conversation with Bing, or “one click on the world” through the quick search feature.

Security, Bing App provides a private browsing model to protect user privacy. When enabled, the user’s browsing footprint (history, cache, cookies, and personalization configuration) is not preserved.

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