The Last of Us Part II’s foreign media review was contacted by Sony, calling the conclusion unfair

On June 12,media Vice published a review of The Last of Us Part II, in which reviewer Rob Zacny criticized the plot and character, calling the game full of “depressing desolation and violence,” according tomedia Polygon. According to Zacny, his review led a Sony representative to contact them on behalf of Naughty Dogs.

The Last of Us Part II'smedia review was contacted by Sony, calling the conclusion unfair

Zacny toldmedia Polygon via Twitter: “They felt that some of my findings in my review were unfair and rejected some meaningful changes or improvements.

Zacny said in her review that while the game has memorable moments and is “spectacular,” he’s not too cold about the stories and characters. “No one has reconsidered their quest for revenge,” he said. Everyone acts under a retaliatory compulsion that is rarely commented on or examined. Zacny went on to describe the game’s message as very complacent, full of “depressing bleakness and violence.”

Zacny clarified that the exchange was not “confrontational” but that it was still “unusual” because Vice generally wouldn’t have a big publisher asking why a review would be written in an official capacity. Of course, there are also such things, but usually some small developers or from the publisher, the latter is usually found a factual error, they want to correct.

“I’m happy to share some of my thoughts and the responses I received from naughty dogs have been very enthusiastic,” says Zacny. “Of course Naughty Dogs’ public relations team declined to comment on Polygon’s contact with Vice.