Microsoft to show xSX first-party games on July 23

According to Jeff Grubb, amedia ventureBeat reporter, Microsoft’s First Party X Game Show in July will take place during the week of July 20. Media VGC quoted sources as saying that Microsoft is currently planning to hold the event on July 23. In addition, Jeff Grubb’s message appears to have been supported by Tom Warren, a reporter for The Verge, a technology media outlet.

Microsoft to show xSX first-party games on July 23

Warren tweeted that Microsoft is sure to have a busy week on July 20. This week there’s Microsoft’s Incentive Partner Conference and Xbox Time.

In May, Microsoft unveiled a monthly Xbox update called Xbox 20/20, and it is likely to show XX first-party games on 20/20 this month.

The first-party game show in July has now been confirmed as the first demo of Halo: Infinity. Excitingly, VGC sources also broke the news that The Initiative, Microsoft’s new studio, which brings together a large number of top talent, will also announce their first game.

In addition to the first-party games, Microsoft has also previously confirmed that some third-party games will also appear.