News apple has no plans to use a 120Hz high-screen on the iPhone 12

For users, some versions of the iPhone 12 with a 120Hz high brush screen are a great thing if Apple does cash in, but that may not be the case. According to the latestmedia reports, some analysts get the latest news that the iPhone 12 to use 120Hz high brush screen news, is fundamentally impossible, this year Apple will not do so, in addition to cost constraints, there are Samsung’s own capacity problems.

News apple has no plans to use a 120Hz high-screen on the iPhone 12

Under Apple’s plan, Apple could do so as soon as next year, by introducing a faster refresh-rate screen on the iPhone.

Before that, there was much news that the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, which will be released this fall, would also feature a 120Hz high refresh rate screen for the first time, providing a smoother screen experience.

Before that, Apple had first adopted ProMotion variable refresh rate technology on the iPad Pro, bringing it to the new OLED iPhone to further improve the performance standards of smartphones. The technology can dynamically adjust the refresh rate based on the screen display to achieve smooth sliding, higher response speed, but also save battery life.

Prior to this, due to hard and soft optimization, the iPhone’s smoothness, screen responsiveness and sliding heel has been the industry leader, the iPhone 12 Pro, Pro Max new 120Hz screen, is expected to further smoothness to the extreme, thus becoming the smoothest generation of iPhone.