Microsoft reveals progress in ‘Age of Empires 4’ development and releases a new trailer

Two years ago, Relic Entertainment unveiled Age of Empire siv on Gamescom. Now we’ve got a new trailer for more details about game settings and civilization. The studio, led by Shannon Loftis, presents the latest developments in their work at the X019 event in London. The studio, which brings together experienced game developers, has rekindled enthusiasm for the new work with the launch of Empire Age II: Decisive Edition, which was released last weekend.

Microsoft reveals progress in 'Empire IV' development and releases a new trailer

(Image via Softpedia)

Shannon Loftis revealed on the X019 stage that The Empire Age IV’s playing background is set in the Middle Ages and shows the confrontation between two civilizations in Mongolia and the UK through a trailer.

Unlike previous games, Age of Empires IV has transformed the series toward modern 3D vision, but it’s unclear whether Microsoft plans to continue its classic implementation strategy.

As the back-of-the-scenes development team for Age IV, Relic Entertainment has also launched games such as Hammer 40K: Dawn of War and Hero Company, so the expectations of players for the new work are still quite high.

Unfortunately, Age of Empires IV won’t be released this year. If you can’t wait, you may want to take the recently official launch of “Empire Era II: Decision Edition” to solve the problem. The PC version is available on the Xbox Game Pass or Steam platform for $20.

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