Gates: Social media is contributing to the rapid spread of the new crown virus

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has been an authority on how best to control viruses during the new crown pandemic, according tomedia BGR. This may seem strange at first glance, but Gates accurately predicted in a 2015 TED speech that the next global disaster would not be a war, but a highly contagious virus. “Part of the reason is that we’ve invested a lot of money in nuclear deterrence, ” Gates explained. But in reality, we invest very little in the system to stop the epidemic. “

Gates: Social media is contributing to the rapid spread of the new crown virus

Simply put, Gates has long worried about how the virus will affect the world. Gates, in turn, is better equipped than most to discuss strategies that can be implemented to prevent further outbreaks of the new crown virus. Notably, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donated large sums of money to various vaccine research funds long before the new crown virus put the world locked down.

Recently, Gates gave a speech at Fast Company Impact Council and outlined strategies to help fight the new crown virus. One of the more interesting points Mr Gates makes is that social media companies can do better to provide accurate and useful information to the public.

“Can social media companies do more to help on these issues?” Gates asked. “What kind of creativity do we have?” Sadly, digital tools may be net contributors to spreading what I think is crazy ideas. “

And Gates should know something about the crazy new crown virus story, because he’s been at the center of a conspiracy theory. This conspiracy theory claims that he was not only aware of the new crown virus in advance, but was also responsible for the spread of the new crown virus. Some even say Gates is trying to use the new crown virus as an excuse to start digitally tracking people around the world.

The spread of false information about the new crown virus is particularly worrying because it convinces a large segment of the population that wearing a mask is ineffective and that maintaining a social distance is completely unnecessary. “It’s hard to understand not wearing a mask because it’s not that much trouble, ” Gates said. “It’s not expensive, but some people think it’s a sign of freedom or something, despite the risk of infecting others. “

Mr Gates believes leadership, including politicians and social media companies, is needed if it is to prevent a second wave of outbreaks later this fall.