Apple CEO to attend U.S. tech antitrust investigation hearing this month

Apple CEO Tim Cook will testify at their upcoming antitrust hearing, David Cicilline, chairman of the House Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee, said in an interview with the media today,media reported. Apple CEO Cook, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Alphabet CEO Sandal Picchay and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will all attend the hearing later this month, Cicilline said.

Apple CEO to attend U.S. tech antitrust investigation hearing this month

It is reported that the Antitrust Commission has begun to investigate the digital market competition, the above four companies are involved in the investigation. In June, the committee sent letters to the CEOs asking them to testify.

Apple’s App Store policy has come under scrutiny from the U.S. government since last year, and last year Apple has been dogged by questions about removing parental control apps from the App Store, how to rank search results, how Apple’s in-app purchase mechanism works, whether apps are allowed to include in-app links to non-Apple Payment systems, and around non-app apps.

Cicilline, chairman of the antitrust subcommittee in charge of Apple’s App Store agreement with developers, said in June that the App Store was too expensive and was like a “road robbery.”

It is understood Mr Cook may be asked to respond at the hearing about Apple’s various App Store policies and responses, as well as concerns the subcommittee has heard from developers.

While the investigation into Apple’s App Store behavior is still at an early stage, the commission’s goal is to produce a report on legislative action.