Ubisoft develops anonymous tools to combat workplace harassment and abuse discrimination

Ubisoft said employees will soon be coming to an anonymous internal reporting tool aftermedia reported a series of allegations of sexual harassment and abuse in the company’s workplace. Over the past week, such complaints have begun to erupt in the gaming industry, including many from Ubisoft employees. After the news broke, the company quickly suspended many people, such as the top executives of well-known game projects such as Assassin’s Creed and Cell Splitting.

Ubisoft develops anonymous tools to combat workplace harassment and abuse discrimination

In an internal email shared by Gamasutra, Ubisoft explained plans to form a “multidisciplinary working group.” It is committed to creating good tools that can detect, report, and resolve any incident, or to solve serious problems in an impartial manner.

As previously reported, the company also plans to form a third-party team to assist in these investigations. Yves Guillemot, Ubisoft’s chief executive, told employees in an email:

We’ve collected all the direct reports to listen to feedback and ultimately resolve them. The company will then thoroughly inspect all systems to prevent a similar situation from happening again.

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Ubisoft’s chief talent and communications officer, Cecile Cornet, added that the company is currently developing a new online anonymous reporting tool that is expected to be available to all employees by the end of this month.

The tool is managed by the corporate social responsibility team at headquarters, and we have created a mailing list to thank those who have reached out and provided contact.

As for who will be removed from office, Cornet explains that the company is investigating every case of workplace harassment, abuse and gender discrimination. Depending on the circumstances, the investigation may last for two weeks to two months.

If the evidence is conclusive, the whistleblower will be subject to penalties such as warning, training, suspension, or even dismissal. Ubisoft will then do more to try to increase transparency in related matters, such as forcing all management and human resources specialists to receive training on diversity.