Historic’s new film “Liberation of the Black Slaves” sold by Apple for a record $120 million

It has previously been reported that Will Smith will star in a new action thriller, Emancipation, which is expected to open next year. Recently, according tomedia Deadline reported that “Liberation of the Black Slave” by Apple sold for a record price of $120 million.

The new action thriller “Liberation of the Black Slaves”, starring Shi Huang, has seven bidders. The bid, which cost more than $75 million, came to Warner and Apple, which finally completed the deal last night. The net bid was $105 million, but if the total buyout amount on the back end is taken into account, the deal will be worth more than $120 million when all deals are completed, the sources said.

“Liberation of the Black Slave” will be released in cinemas and then worldwide on Apple TV Plus.

Slave Peter

“Liberation of the Black Slave” is written by Bill Colac (The Assassin’s Creed) and is based on the true tragic story of slave Peter, whose photograph snares a flogged back. Peter, a slave on a plantation in Louisiana, was beaten to death by a plantation supervisor who nearly killed him. Peter decided to flee to the north, where he joined the Federal Army.

During a physical examination, Peter showed his back to the military doctor, who photographed his scars. In May 1863, The Independent published a photograph called “Scarred Back”. The photograph went viral around the world and was seen as evidence of the brutality of slavery in the United States. It helped fuel the abolitionist movement and encouraged many liberal blacks to join the federal army to fight racists in the South.