U.S. almost covers Three-Month Capacity in Redseywe, And Allies Are Reluctant

Despite the effect of doubt, the multi-national health agency endorsed the treatment of the new crown drug Redsiwe, is still a lot of patients in the eyes of life-saving hope. However, the U. S. government on the 29th, the “lion big opening”, ahead of the drugmaker Gilead in the next three months near lying near lying in full production, that is, 90 percent of the world’s supply. In this regard, because of the “one medicine is hard to find” and have lined up in Europe and other allies are not happy. Some British scholars have said that the United States “leaves nothing for Europe”, reminding the world “imagine what would happen if it were a vaccine”. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also called for closer cooperation, saying it was “in the interests of both countries” to protect the lives of its citizens.

U.S. almost covers Three-Month Capacity in Redseywe, And Allies Are Reluctant

The U.S. Department of Health announced on the 29th, the next three months has been scheduled to Gilead 500,000 courses of treatment of Redsiwe production from: U.S. Department of Health home page

On Monday, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services John Azhar released a statement revealing that the government has booked 500,000 courses of Redsivir medicine with Gilead. The company will continue to supply for the next three months, with 90 percent of its total capacity expected to be available in the U.S. in July (about 94,000), August (175,000) and September (233,000).

Mr. Azhar described President Trump as “talking about amazing contracts” to ensure that Americans get priority in their treatment, and that “every patient in need will be treated.”

He said Redsewe yatons cost an average of 6.25 vials per course of treatment. On the 29th, Gilead had the first batch of 120,000 treatments, and it was openly priced at $3,120 per course. Brian Abrams, an analyst at RBC Capital Markets, an investment bank, estimates that Gilead will make nearly $1 billion from the drug this year.

At present, Redsiweist is the only European Drug Administration (EMA) approved the treatment of new crown drugs, the Japanese and Korean governments have also approved the introduction. British researchers last month initially found another effective drug, dexamethasone, but only approved in the UK.

Due to patent law constraints, only Gilead can produce and sell Redseywe to the outside world. Developed countries such as Europe can only apply to the company for a queue if they want to buy.

U.S. almost covers Three-Month Capacity in Redseywe, And Allies Are Reluctant

Due to patent restrictions, only Gilead is currently able to produce and export Redsewe

According to US media Outlet Business Insider, the Trump administration is spending 90 per cent of the world’s production. Before the vaccine is available, it will put other countries in a desperate position for the next three months. After 500,000 treatments are scheduled in the U.S., Gilead has only the remaining $40,000 in supply.

There have been expressions of displeasure by countries and experts over the U.S. government’s practice of “hoarding” and monopolizing Redsewe’s production. Dr Andrew Hill, a visiting scholar at the University of Liverpool, said the US had “left nothing for Europe” and suggested the move could cause a “stir-up” among its allies.

“This is the first drug to make significant progress. But is there a mechanism for access? Once again we were thrown to the end of the queue. He also cautioned that America’s overbearing attitude is not limited to drugs, “imagine what would have been if it were a vaccine.”

In March, the Trump administration was revealed to be buying a German company that developed the new vaccine, and the German government launched a bid to keep it. On May 13th executives at Sanofi, the French pharmaceutical giant, said the US government would give priority to vaccines developed by the company. The remark sparked anger in France, with the prime minister speaking out that “there is no room for negotiation”.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also said it was “in the interests of both countries” to cooperate on access to drugs to protect the lives of its citizens.

But Peter Holby, an epidemiologist at Oxford University, says the results are partly understandable because Gilead is an American company. Moreover, the u.S. new crown outbreak has recently hit a double peak, with the number of new cases soaring 80 percent in the past two weeks and the highest single-day number in a week.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if there were 100,000 new cases a day in the future, ” Mr. Fauci, America’s top infectious disease expert, warned again on June 30th. “

According to real-time data from Johns Hopkins University, as of 5:33 p.m. Beijing time on July 1 (17:33 a.m. Est on June 30), the united States had a cumulative total of 2623217 new cases of new crown pneumonia, with a cumulative total of 127,258 deaths. In about 28 hours, 59,054 new cases and 1,330 new deaths were confirmed in the United States.