Ali’s Global Mathematics Competition Awards Ceremony Holds First Appearance of Quantum Scientists at Damo Academy

The 2020 Alibaba Global Mathematics Competition was held today, and this year’s competition attracted more than 50,000 competitors from more than 70 countries and regions. Scientists from the University of Damo’s laboratories of quantum, chip, database, decision intelligence and other laboratories have also made their first appearances. The award ceremony arranged for Zhang Jianfeng, dean of Damore Academy, Xie Yuan, head of the computing technology laboratory, Chen Jianxin, a scientist in the quantum laboratory, Indo-Woo Tao, head of the decision intelligence laboratory, Li Feifei, head of the database and storage laboratory, and Wang Gang, head of the self-driving laboratory, as the guests.

Ali's Global Mathematics Competition Awards Ceremony Holds First Appearance of Quantum Scientists at Damo Academy

These scientists are usually “hidden” very well, Xie Yuan, IndyTao rarely appear, Chen Jianxin is the first public appearance.

Zhang Jianfeng, president of the Damo Academy, said that applied mathematics is the hero behind the development of science, and mathematics is the foundation of all science.

Since Jack Ma announced the establishment of the Damo Court three years ago, there has been curiosity about the institution. The Damo Institute has now set up 15 laboratories, from this time the scientists, but also to see the hard nuclear technology layout of Damo College.

Xie Yuan, head of the Computing Technology Laboratory, is one of the most accomplished scientists in the chip academic circle. Is IEEE, ACM, AAAS three top meeting Fellow, or the computer architecture field hall of Fame Grand Slam winner, Ali’s first chip with light 800 is led by him research and development.

In Ali has the nickname “The Mathematical Emperor”, he is a tenured professor of mathematics at the University of California, Los Angeles, a true professional mathematician. He is in charge of the decision-making intelligence laboratory, the main work is to use mathematics to solve practical problems. Small to search recommendation, warehouse location, large to financial funds scheduling, Ali many businessbehinds have his team’s support.

The most mysterious laboratory in Damo, no doubt quantum. According to statistics, the global quantum computing talent does not exceed a thousand people, Damore Has recruited a considerable number, Chen Jianxin is one of them. Chen Jianxin also mathematically destroyed a, former IMO gold medalist. In 2018, Damore’s Quantum Laboratory developed a quantum circuit simulator, TaiZhang, that broke Google’s quantum supremacy.

In addition, Li Feifei, who is responsible for the development and application of the self-research cloud database, joined Ali in May 2018 as a tenured professor at the University of Utah. Wang Gang, head of the Self-Driving Lab, was a tenured professor at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and is one of 10 young people under the age of 35 in Asia selected by MIT.