Samsung Electronics has modified chip process roadmap will skip 4nm process

July 2 news, according tomedia reports, in chip technology, for Apple and other companies found ryate TSMC, in recent years in the forefront of the industry, their 7nm and 5nm process espertated first, good product rate is also considerable. Samsung Electronics, which once used to be Apple’s foundry A-series chip, in recent years, although not as good as TSMC in chip technology, the chip foundry orders obtained are not as good as TSMC, but it is still the only manufacturer that can keep up with TSMC in the process.

Samsung Electronics has modified chip process roadmap will skip 4nm process

TSMC and Samsung Electronics chip technology, has now reached 5nm, TSMC’s 5nm process is already large-scale mass production, Samsung Electronics invested 8.1 billion U.S. dollars in the new 5nm chip process production line, this year has also begun construction.

After upgrading to 5nm, Samsung Electronics will continue to develop more advanced chip processes. Media recently quoted industry chain sources reported that Samsung Electronics has made adjustments to the chip technology road map, will skip the 4nm process, from 5nm directly to 3nm.

However, themedia in the report did not mention, after skipping the 4nm process, Samsung’s 3nm process will be large-scale mass production.

Samsung electronics chip foundry rival TSMC’s 3nm process, which began planning years ago, is planning a risk trial in 2021 and mass production in the first half of 2022. In early June,media said TSMC had started a production line of the 3nm process, earlier than previously expected.