Avoid blind spot by straying pedestrians German company pushes turn assist system

In life, you can often see such news, big trucks in the turn, there will be blind spots. And if there are pedestrians or electric cars, come to the blind area, also did not pay timely attention to avoid, the result will lead to the truck mistakenly hit, accidents. How to solve the problem of the blind spot of large trucks has also become a difficult problem faced by car manufacturers and parts manufacturers. However, German continental companies and the European Union have jointly come up with a good solution.

According tomedia reports, the mainland company has launched a turn assist system, which can detect vehicle blind areas when the truck turns, if there are pedestrians in the blind area, the system can alert the driver, if necessary, can automatically stop the vehicle to avoid accidents.

At the same time, the system can easily be adapted to other commercial vehicles.

According to the relevant person in charge of mainland companies, mainland companies as the only supplier of this kind of security technology, has accumulated profound experience. The system uses a special radar-based detection system to detect pedestrians and cyclists in blind areas.

If the system detects pedestrians or cyclists, the system alerts the driver or automatically stops the vehicle when it appears in the vehicle’s blind area. The technology will greatly improve the safety of pedestrians involved in traffic, while also protecting the drivers of vehicles.

Notably, EU regulations require all new trucks to be forced to install such systems by 2024. Voluntary modifications would be subsidized by the State to fill the equipment gap for trucks already on the road.

To be sure, if the system can be forced to be installed on large trucks, it will greatly reduce the number of traffic accidents caused by blind spots.

Avoid blind spot by straying pedestrians German company pushes turn assist system