Is this going to count 4? Microsoft updates “GhostF” trademark: intentional use

Previously, we had reported that the idle Twitter account of Ghost Fables had been turned over, but Microsoft’s marketing manager denied the news that a new work on “Ghostbusters” would be launched. Today (July 2), IGN reported that Microsoft has applied to renew the “GhostF” trademark.

According to the trademark information of “Ghost Fables”, Microsoft updated the trademark information of “Ghost Fables” on June 26, which is standard practice for large companies to renew trademarks for IP owned by large companies. But interestingly, the “Intent to Use” column in the trademark information is filled in with “yes” and “Current Use now” in the column, and I don’t know what’s going on in the future “Ghost Fables” series.

Since 2009’s “Ghost Fable 3”, “Ghost Fables” series has been a new trend, as Microsoft Xbox’s signature RPG big IP, and there have been rumors of “Ghost Fable 4”, whether the “Ghost Fables” series of new works will become Microsoft’s next generation console Xbox Series X escort, but also to wait until the upcoming Microsoft first party game launch.