Trump’s screening of ” Joker” at the White House has ties to DC films

U.S. President Donald Trump recently hosted a “Joker” screening at the White House, attended by him and his family, friends and some team members, according tomedia reports. The official also revealed that Trump liked the film.

The Joker

Trump Tower in Batman: The Rise of the Dark Knight

Trump poses with Bell for ‘The Rise of the Dark Knight’

Mr. Trump is understood to be linked to DC’s previous film, “Batman: The Rise of the Dark Knight.” His Trump Tower, for example, appeared in “The Dark Knight Rises” and said he made money making movies about his building (and “Transformers”); Return it to you, the people”; in April, his campaign video, which used the music of “The Rise of the Dark Knight,” was accused by Warner of violating the law. The video, posted on Trump’s Twitter feed, was later deleted.

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