Daniel Povey reports to Cui Baoqiu as Xiaomi’s chief voice scientist.

On the afternoon of November 18, Xiaomi Group founder Lei Jun announced on Weibo today that Daniel Povey, an international speech recognition and AI expert and father of Kaldi, an open-source voice recognition tool, will become Xiaomi Group’s chief voice scientist. Cui Baoqiu, Chairman of the Technical Committee.

Daniel Povey reports to Cui Baoqiu as Xiaomi's chief voice scientist.

Daniel Povey reports to Cui Baoqiu as Xiaomi's chief voice scientist.

Kaldi is currently a world-renowned open source project for voice, and the Kaldi community, led by Daniel Povey, brings together scholars, scientists and engineers from around the world to use a wide range of applications in speech recognition, speech synthesis, sound marking and machine learning. Almost all voice teams are using the Kaldi engine to develop intelligent solutions.

Today, Professor Daniel Povey, Kaldi’s father, joins Xiaomi. In recent years, Xiaomi has stepped up research and development efforts on AI, with public data showing that between 2016 and 2018 Xiaomi filed 684 patents in the AI field, ranking 11th in the world.

In addition, Daniel Povey will make his first public appearance at the 2019 Xiaomi Developer conference, which opens on November 19. At the conference, Daniel Povey will discuss “future technology trends in AI voice” with Chinese developers. Executives such as Xiaomi Group founder Lei Jun will also deliver keynote speeches.

Xiaomi Group Vice President and Chairman of the Technical Committee Cui Baoqiu said xiaomi will continue to adhere to its pure, extreme open source culture, continue to increase investment in Kaldi, continue to contribute to the Kaldi community, in AI, big data, cloud computing, IoT and other areas unite China’s Internet companies to bring China’s open source power to the world.

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