Tesla Shanghai Lingang SuperFactory Experience Center officially opens

Tesla’s Shanghai Lingang Superfactory Store held a grand opening ceremony on July 3rd and held a special delivery ceremony for the Model 3 vehicleordered by Lingang Transportation. The Superfactory store is the first Tesla store in the Lingang area, offering a wide range of services such as consulting, test rides and test drives, so that port-bound consumers can experience Tesla’s forward-looking technology and superior performance, as well as the unique charm of direct stores.

Tesla Shanghai Lingang SuperFactory Experience Center officially opensTesla Shanghai Lingang SuperFactory Experience Center officially opens

Geographically, the superfactory store is located in Hongyin Square in the heart of Lingang Mud City, where the business is bustling and well-equipped, in line with Tesla’s innovative concept of laying out stores in the core business district. At the same time, the new store is the only Tesla store in the country near the superfactory plant, the two places are only 15 minutes away, the location is unique, greatly close the physical and psychological distance between consumers and Tesla.

According to reports, the store to expand to the port area, once again proved that Tesla on the port area of the importance. Lingang is China’s high-tech gathering place, with first-class location advantages, economic environment and business environment, attracting a large number of high-end manufacturers, including Tesla, but also brings together high-end scientific and technological talent from all over the world. The addition of these talents has not only promoted the development of Shanghai’s technology and high-end manufacturing industries, but also brought more potential users to Tesla. Tesla hopes to offer better products and services to these geek fans by laying out its superfactory stores.

With the addition of the Superfactory store, Tesla has expanded its service radius in Shanghai.

Today, Tesla has 11 experience centers, six service centers and hyper-charge stations and destination charging stations in Shanghai. Tesla hopes to increase the number of Shanghai consumers to join Tesla’s “accelerated world to sustainable energy transition” by expanding its direct stores and a growing charging network.