Tests show AMD’s open source FidelityFX CAS performs better than NVID’s DLSS

Kojima’s last-life delivery game, Death Stranding, will be released on July 14, with previews from major news outlets such as Ars. Ars revealed that the DEATH Stranding PC version implements two technologies that improve sampling with deep learning: Nvida’s private DLSS, and AMD’s open source, platform-neutral Fidelity CAS.

DLSS can only run on Nvitographic graphics, and CAS is neutral, both for AMD graphics and for Nvito. Because both the next generation PS and Xbox consoles have AMD scenarios, both the PS5 and Xbox Series X will also support CAS.

Ars’s unexpected findings in tests showed that the system performed significantly better than The DLSS with NVida enabled after FidelityFX CAS was enabled.

Compared to CAS not enabled at 1080p, CAS is enabled at 1440p with a 5fps increase in speed. This may just be a case, linked to the optimization of the game developer.                     

Tests show AMD's open source FidelityFX CAS performs better than NVID's DLSS