Merkel’s first public appearance wearing a mask responds to questions about “caution”

BERLIN, July 3 (Reuters) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel made her first public appearance on Friday wearing a mask. Earlier this week, Ms. Merkel dismissed accusations that she did not wear a mask. Merkel entered the German Bundestag wearing a black mask emblazoned with the words “”. According to the report, “” is a website set up for Germany’s six-month eu presidency from July 1.

The report says Merkel’s government has imposed a mask on some public places. However, at a press conference on Monday local time, a reporter asked Ms. Merkel why she never wore a mask in public.

The prime minister responded that she doesn’t need to wear a mask when she can keep her social distance, but when she can’t keep her social distance, such as when shopping.

“But I won’t tell you where I’m going to shop,” Merkel said with a laugh. “

Reported that because of the response to the new crown outbreak, Merkel’s approval rating has risen. Europe’s largest economy has weathered the new crown outbreak better than most of its neighbours.