Anti-science content is being hyped on Facebook, study finds

New crown outbreaks continue to worsen across the U.S., with several states reporting new single-day cases this week, while many are debating the introduction of mandatory masking requirements. Anti-mask content is now being hyped on Facebook, a new study has found. The study, conducted by Media Matters, looked at content on Facebook over the past few months.

Anti-mask content is booming on Facebook, with more than 5.5 million interactions over the past month from posts on the “right-wing” Facebook page, according to a new analysis by Media Matters. In addition, according to the media group, “despite expert recommendations, posts that were skeptical about the effectofed face masking gained the most interaction.” “

Media Matters carried out the analysis by looking at more than 2,000 posts about masks on the right’s Facebook page between May 30 and June 30 to “understand the narratives that spread within the right-wing Facebook ecosystem.” The team found nearly 5.5 million interactions on social networks, including sharing, reactions and comments, and the team found that each post had about 2,700 interactions.

Here’s an example of the types of posts included in this analysis.

Anti-science content is being hyped on Facebook, study finds

Even at this stage of the new crown, the practice of wearing a mask still has a political advantage. For example, the Guardian interviewed Tee Allen Parker, the owner of Machine Shed Bar and Grill, a bar owner in eastern Texas whose bar has banned masks.

“We are not living in a communist country!” “This is America,” she said. This is a personal choice. There has been no scientific basis for the mask to be effective. I choose not to wear it, but I won’t let thousands of people be angry at me. “

On Wednesday, local time, Texas set the highest single-day record of new cases since the pandemic began.