Study shows actual death toll from new pneumonia in U.S. is higher than official statistics

The number of people dying from the new coronavirus in the United States in March-May is likely to be much higher than official statistics, according to a study released on the same day, Reuters reported on July 1. Reported that this is partly due to the country-level reporting discrepancies. The report said the national health research institute (NIH) and private foundations jointly funded the work.

Study shows actual death toll from new pneumonia in U.S. is higher than official statistics发表在《美国医学会杂志·内科学》上的研究显示,美国国家卫生统计中心公布3、4、5月美国包括所有原因在内的总死亡人数为78.1万人,较同期的历史均值多出122300人。

But the number of deaths officially listed in March-May was 95,235, 28 percent less than the higher, the study said. According to Reuters, the number of deaths, including “likely” new coronaviruses, was even higher during this period, at 103,649.

Reuters said several media reports suggested that early deaths in many nursing homes, or those attributed to pneumonia deaths rather than those attributed to new crown pneumonia, may have contributed to the low number of deaths.

“The cause of death identified on the death certificate is not accurate,” said study lead author Professor Daniel Weinberger of the Yale School of Public Health. “

“There may be someone infected with a new crown and then pneumonia, so pneumonia is listed as the cause of death. Another agency may list the new crown as a cause of death. He added, “The cause of death of a person can vary greatly from person to person and from institution to institution.” “

The report also notes that the number of deaths in some U.S. states may be underestimated until a full new coronavirus test is carried out. The risk of suicide and drug abuse as a result of the outbreak is also a cause for concern.