Tesla’s high-speed encounter with ‘night cyclist’: Self-driving dodges race riders

An emergency is inevitable while driving, such as a sudden emergence of pedestrians or small animals on the road. The situation is even more dangerous if other participants suddenly appear on the road during a late-night high-speed drive. A recent video of a Tesla high-speed rider has attracted widespread attention. Screenshots from the video show a Tesla owner driving at high speed late at night when a black cyclist suddenly appears in front of him.

According to the owner himself, poor visibility at night and the rider in black suddenly appeared in front of the vehicle, making it difficult for him to react.

Tesla's high-speed encounter with 'night cyclist': Self-driving dodges race riders

Fortunately, Tesla Autopilot’s autopilot assist system “observed” the unexpected rider, who quickly lowered the speed, turned right and returned to the original lane, a process that was completely complete, and the race riders avoided the accident.

According to officials, driving data collected by Tesla’s sensor suite combines billions of inputs from human drivers to help Tesla understand drivers’ behavior in dynamic scenarios, allowing Tesla to more accurately predict when accidents might occur and deploying automated technology to mitigate or avoid them.

Autopilot’s auto-assisted driving allows the vehicle to automatically assist steering, auto-assist acceleration and automatic assisted braking in the driveway.

Of course, Autopilot’s auto-assisted driving feature still requires active driver monitoring, and the vehicle has not yet achieved full self-driving.

Tesla's high-speed encounter with 'night cyclist': Self-driving dodges race riders

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