Huawei’s new patented exposure of mobile phones: “SLR lens” on camera

Huawei’s camera performance has improved dramatically since it began working with Leica, and the P40 Pro is still number one in the DxOMark camera list. On July 4th, according tomedia reports, Huawei submitted a new patent aimed at further enhancing the zoom technology of smartphones to maintain its market leadership. Huawei’s P40 Pro is currently the only smartphone that offers 10x optical zoom using a periscope lens.

The company also plans to lead the way in this area, having patented a unique zoom smartphone by the European Union’s Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

The periscope lens provides optical zoom for the phone by using a smaller space than a traditional zoom system. However, limited by sensors and lenses, it still lags behind traditional zoom technology.

Huawei’s goal in the new patent is to solve this problem by increasing support for additional lenses, just like SLR cameras. The lens appears to have a three-factor camera zoom lens consisting of two smaller sensors, a slender flash module and a larger sensor that can be used with a removable lens.

In addition, the phone has a black body design and a textured rear cover for easy grip. There is also a USB Type C port, power key and volume control key.