Microsoft to start pushing new Edge to more Windows 10 users

For consumers and businesses, the traditional Microsoft Edge era will come to an end in the coming months. In January, Microsoft announced that Chromium Edge would replace the classic Edge, which uses Microsoft’s own Edge HTML to render pages, and recently began pushing new browsers to users of Windows 10 PCs. Microsoft has confirmed that the new Edge browser is now being made more widely available through Windows 10 as part of the Company’s alternative Edge strategic plan outlined earlier this year.

In addition to consumers, Microsoft also said it would begin pushing Chromium Edge to education and corporate devices on July 30.

Microsoft to start pushing new Edge to more Windows 10 users

Consumer, Education, and Enterprise, which runs Windows 10, automatically updates to the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge. If a user’s PC joins an active directory, an Azure active directory domain, or is managed by Windows Update for Business (WUfB) and Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), it will be excluded from the upgrade.

In addition, Microsoft appears to have begun pushing the browser to more consumers through Windows Update, which is expected to expand in the near future. Microsoft has previously confirmed that the new Edge will be available to all supported versions of Windows 10, including version 1803.

It is worth noting that the browser is more widely available for older versions of Windows 10, such as versions 1803 and 1809. Because of the phased rollout, updates may not appear in Windows 10’s 1903, 1909, or 2004 releases.

Microsoft to start pushing new Edge to more Windows 10 users

For businesses, Microsoft has also developed a blocker kit to prevent automatic delivery of the new Edge, but according to Microsoft’s official documentation, the average consumer version will not be able to choose withtherin addition to the policy that system administrators can set for their machines.

If you don’t see an Edge update in Windows Update, users can also manually download and install them at any time.

The new Edge may just look like Chrome at first, but there are a few inherent changes that make Edge a browser that can rival Google’s Chrome browser. Microsoft, for example, has tried to reduce the memory and battery consumption of the new Edge. Microsoft has also enabled support for 4K Netflix streaming.