NASA Releases Video of SLS Rocket’s New Structural Design Test Video

ACCORDING TO FOREIGN MEDIA REPORTS, NASA WILL RETURN TO THE MOON. It plans to send astronauts back to the moon’s surface by 2024 — although for most experts it may seem too optimistic — but it will use SLS rockets to do so when it does. It is understood that NASA has been developing SLS for a long time, and it has undergone a number of rigorous testing to meet NASA’s requirements.

NASA Releases Video of SLS Rocket's New Structural Design Test Video

Now, NASA has released a video showing how it uses various methods to “destroy” SLS. Of course, this isn’t really a destruction, but it’s a way to push a rocket through its design strength limits so that NASA has a better understanding of its true durability.

The video shows NASA embarking on a variety of fancy “destroy” methods, test-tests that allow rocket body to burst like soda tanks.

According to NASA itself, the structural design tests were conducted at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. On June 22, local time, a rocket beta liquid oxygen tank was pushed to the limit.

NASA collected a large amount of data in these tests to help them determine the force strain that spacecraft can withstand during normal missions. It also provides some peace of mind that the rocket can withstand additional pressure in the event of a failure, but like every piece of hardware NASA launches into space, it has break points.

NASA hopes to eventually use one of the rockets to send humans to the moon. While the agency’s timing has been criticized by many, the pace of events suggests that the 2024 launch window is still possible. But things always change in the future.