New Windows 10 Experience: New Start Menu With Redrawing To Give System a New Look

For many users, starting with Windows 10 Build 20161 and experiencing a new start menu, how does the new system feel? Media on the new system version of a simple experience, first of all, the start menu became more concise, specifically, the application list of icon Slogo removed the solid color block, to the current menu background of the same transparency, and with the calendar, mail, Edge, Office of the new icon, it is more beautiful.

For such a design, the experiencer says reducing the color of the tiled icon interface in the start menu will be a little simplified, making it easier for users to browse the applications they often use. While this is a subtle design tweak, it does make the start menu look less messy and avoid many block icons that are the same blue color.

The latest version of Windows 10 also makes some big changes to the Alt-Tab interface. All tabs that open in the Edge browser will appear in the Alt-Tab interface, and are no longer just active tabs in each browser window. Older users may not be used to this change, but it’s good that Microsoft allows users to switch back to the classic Alt-Tab experience.

New Windows 10 Experience: New Start Menu With Redrawing To Give System a New Look

In fact, since December, Microsoft has been actively making a series of minor changes to the system experience, such as UI design for the Start menu and experience adjustments such as notifications.

In addition to the above adjustments, there is a close button in the upper right corner of the notification window to allow the user to quickly close the notification window. Microsoft has also optimized the setting options. Users typically click “Settings” to refer to the system classification on the Control Panel page, and now it will be directed to the About page in the settings. This means that it is easier for users to find the control panel system features they need.

When prepared, Microsoft will introduce a Windows 10 feature update to the Beta channel and then roll it out to the average user after completing the final test.