Windows 10 upgrade will control control system applets

Although Microsoft has been releasing the setup interface for the first time in Windows 8 and Windows 10 for more than eight years, Windows 10 still has traditional control panel features,media reported. In Windows 8, Microsoft introduced a setup app with basic options to customize the operating system and setup devices, while retaining a separate dashboard for those looking for advanced features.

Windows 10 upgrade will control control system applets

However, the setup interface is very basic on Windows 8, but over the past few years, settingups on Windows 10 have gradually become more practical and stable.

Although the control panel is still part of Windows 10, Microsoft plans to abandon the control panel system applet.

In Windows 10 Build 20161, Microsoft has started redirecting the control panel’s system page to the settings of the About page, which is located under The Settings.

Windows 10 upgrade will control control system applets

The control panel and Windows search link that will open the system information page in the control panel will now direct the user to the settings of the About page.

In addition, Microsoft has updated the settings for the About page so that users’ device information can be copied. This suggests that Microsoft is finally planning to simplify the setup experience on Windows 10.

Microsoft, however, does nare not bury the control panel in the short term, but plans to bring the settings closer to the control panel.

It’s worth noting that this migration won’t be completed any time soon, and the control panel should still be part of the operating system by 2021. Microsoft wants to improve its Settings application before shutting down the control panel completely.