Father of Diablo: Blizzard Completely Changed , The Old Blizzard is gone

The latest year has been perhaps the most tumultuous year for PC gaming giant Blizzard Entertainment: The black- and dark-hand tour has sparked outrage, cutting hundreds of jobs despite record profits, and is seeing the growing influence of Vision. At this week’s Release of Path of Exile, PC Gamer interviewed Blizzard North co-founder david Breivik, Erich Schaefer and Max Schaefer, the father of Diablo, and asked them what they thought of Blizzard and Diablo 4.

Father ofDiablo: Blizzard Completely Changed The Old Blizzard is gone

David Breivik and others say they feel blizzards are “completely changed.” In response to PC Gamer’s question, Breivik replied that Blizzard “didn’t change a little, it changed completely.” He also points out that the older generation of Blizzard developers are currently left with senior art director Sam Didier and senior vice president Allen Adham, with whom Breivik is often in touch.

Max Schaefer added: “The old Blizzard is long gone. When we resigned, there seemed to be a total of 180 people. It has now become thousands of people. The whole empire was different, and The motion-action had no influence at the time. At the time Blizzard was still just himself, then anonymous company holders, Vivendi or others like that. That was the case. And now Blizzard is a video game empire, and they have to think about shareholders and all the same things. ”

Blizzard’s culture and values are not new. “Companies do, and that’s a natural part of any company growing into a big business,” Breivik explains. “

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