15 popular mobile phone radiation values in India in the second quarter of 2020

The SAR value is judged by the amount of radiation absorbed by the human brain, and the SAR value is closely related to the transmit power. If you want a better signal, you need to increase the transmit power of the signal, and the increase in the transmit power will inevitably lead to an increase in the SAR. On July 6thmedia reported that the SAR value of the top 15 mobile phones sold in India had been tested, and all 15 mobile phones met the requirements (India stipulates that the SAR value of mobile phones sold should not be higher than 1.6W/kg).

15 popular mobile phone radiation values in India in the second quarter of 2020

Reported that the 15 phones involved in the testing of the SAR value is much lower than 1.6W/kg. The SAR values of Redmi Note 8, Samsung Galaxy M31, Realme Narzo 10, Redmi Note 9 Pro Max and Redmi Note 9 Pro are 0.25W/kg, 0.38W/kg, 0.86W/kg, 0.88W/kg and 0.90W/kg, respectively.

The SAR values of the OnePlus8 Pro, One Plus8, Xiaomi 10, Xiaomi POCO X2 and Samsung Galaxy A31 are 0.96W/kg, 0.96W/kg, 1.04W/kg, 1.08W/kg and 1.13W/kg, respectively.

The SAR values for the Redmi Note 8 Pro, Realme 6, iPhone SE 2020, Realme X3 and Realme 6 Pro are 1.13W/kg, 1.14W/kg, 1.17W/kg, 1.19W/kg and 1.19W/kg, respectively.

It is understood that the SAR value (than the absorption rate) to any 6 minutes of average time, per kilogram of human tissue absorption of electromagnetic radiation energy (watts). In the case of cell phone radiation, SAR refers to the rate at which radiation is absorbed by soft tissue in the head, and the lower the SAR value, the less radiation is absorbed by the brain, but this does not mean that the SAR rating is directly related to the health of the mobile phone user.