Mercedes AMG F1 Wins Sponsor AMD CEO Su Zifeng

In contrast to the losses of a few years ago, AMD has started to make money in recent years because of the starting line-up of the Ryzen, Dragon processors and other businesses, and after financial improvements they have capitalised on money to promote, sponsoring the Mercedes AMG F1 team in February this year, leaving AMD’s logo on the F1 circuit. AMD said it was a multi-year partnership and AMD LOGO will also be available in the Mercedes 2020 season of The Meben Racing, Driver’s Uniforms, Team Wear, team booths and more.

In addition, AMD will provide the Meben fleet with products based on EPYC servers and Ryzen Pro workstation notebooks to optimize their workflow.

Mercedes AMG F1 Wins Sponsor AMD CEO Su Zifeng

After sponsoring F1, AMD is now reaping the rewards. In Austria’s F1 race, Mercedes AMG’s Finnish driver Valtteri Bottas won the championship, with Ferrari F1 in second place.

After the victory, AMD CEO Su Zifeng also tweeted congratulations to the Mercedes AMG team and Thevaltteri Bottas.

It has to be said that AMD sponsorship of F1 certainly cost a lot of money, F1 race is almost the most money-burning advertising marketing, but this advertisement is worth it, Mercedes AMG team may be asked to win the 2020 annual championship, when the brand image is established.