Amazon and Nvida are also involved in the “anti-sexual harassment campaign” involving more than 150 people

Amazon and Nvidia are two of the big Us brands that are getting involved in the “anti-sexual harassment movement” #MeToo that is sweeping the U.S. game-streaming world, according tomedia reports. In the past month, dozens of women have charged more than 150 people with a variety of crimes, from rape to molesting underage girls to cheating.

Nvida gets involved.

Today, Nvida and Amazon are also involved. Nvito manufactures powerful chips for gaming PCs and operates a gaming service. Earlier this year, Nvida teamed up with Samuel Earney, the host of Amazon’s live gaming platform Twitch, to launch a sponsorship project.

Unsurprisingly, the charges against Ernie were dropped. On June 22, Ernie’s ex-girlfriend accused him of sexual abuse and sex. As part of the abuse, she said, Ernie put her sponsorship agreement with a PC parts manufacturing company above her.

The ex-girlfriend’s statement explained an apology erbyn issued by Ernie the day before. Ernie said at the time: “My actions were inappropriate. He added that sponsors and partners would be asked to remove him from the program and services so they would not be held accountable. Shortly after, Twitch closed Ernie’s account without giving a specific reason.

In a statement, NVIalso said: “We have ceased all contact with Ernie. We condemn this behavior and commend those who have come forward to support the safety of our gaming community. “

Multiple platforms to block accounts

In addition to closing Ernie’s account, Twitch recently closed a number of anchor accounts and said it would report some cases to authorities. In fact, it’s not just Amazon and Nvida that’s involved in this “anti-sexual harassment campaign.”

Facebook Gaming, the live-streaming service, has also shut down a anchor account and investigated some anchors from rival service Mixer, who should have joined Facebook’s Gaming platform. Mixer, Microsoft’s live-streaming platform, will stop service on July 22.

In addition, Alphabet’s video site, YouTube, said it was investigating allegations. Other platforms have also closed many anchor accounts. The terms of service of all these streaming platforms prohibit harassment of other users, and many of the plaintiffs are users of these streaming platforms.

This time it’s different.

For years, while the streaming industry has been accused of sexism and harassment of women, host Isabelle Briar says many of the plaintiffs have been “vulnerable” in the past.

“You might shout, you might want to work with a brand, but you’re rejected and you don’t know why,” Brill said. This may affect your ability to employ. “

But this time it’s different, and the impact is broader, with a very different reaction from the outside world. The plaintiffs have gained support on Twitter and other platforms, and some brands are severing ties with defendants and withdrawing advertising and sponsorship fees.

Many in the industry say this is just the tip of the iceberg, largely due to streaming culture, especially among gamers. “Every anchor feels the need to push a line through individuality,” said Lewis Ward, an analyst at IDC. “

More than 150 suspected sex crimes

In the past month, dozens of women have charged more than 150 people with a variety of crimes, from rape to molesting underage girls to cheating.

Among them, some netizens on Twitter revealed that “Fate 2” host SayNoTo Rage had sexually harassed women. Soon, five women came forward to say they had been harassed by SayNoTo Rage.

Twitch’s list of banned shows includes a number of popular anchors, including Twit Streers, who used to play the fire game SUM.

Former Blackstone Studios founder and “Exotic Soul” screenwriter Chris Avellone has been exposed by several women for sexual harassment in private, although it has not been confirmed, but “Lost Light 2” co-star Techland has been released from aviols.

In addition, Ashraf Ismail, creative director of Ubisoft’s new work, Assassin’s Creed: The Temple of The Spirit, has been accused of sexual harassment outside of marriage, and Ubisoft has been suspended and investigated for the first time, and is now out of office. (Yamin)