Big screen barstick: Galaxy Note 20 released August 5

Today’s smartphones are almost all kinds of large screens, but when it comes to large-screen phones, Samsung’s Galaxy Note series is undoubtedly a sub-level, and many large-screen phones just learned its screen size, but did not learn the essence. Today, Samsung’s phones are far less influential than they used to be, especially at home, but at the product level, the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S-Series are all part of the spotlight.

Big screen barstick: Galaxy Note 20 released August 5

Galaxy Note 10

According to the latest information, Samsung will officially launch the next-generation Galaxy Note 20 series on August 5, the usual domestic time should be August 6 in the early hours of August – last year, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was born on August 8th.

Of course, this time Samsung will certainly not hold a grand offline launch, it is bound to be announced online.

The Galaxy Note 20 is currently under exposure, but not fully confirmed, such as the top-of-the-line Note 20 Ultra, which is believed to be equipped with a SnapDragon865/Exynos 992 processor, a 100 million-pixel main camera and a 12 million super wide angle plus 13 Million-million periable telephoto rear three-camera combination, 6.9-inch 3040 x 1440 120Hz LTPO central hole-in-the-hole screen, up to 16GB of memory, 4500mAh battery and 45W fast charge.

In addition, from the effect map, the Note 20 may change the material from plastic to metal texture, the back using AG process. The design details of the SPen pen have also been adjusted, with the material changing from plastic to metal.

In addition, the next generation folding screen Galaxy Fold 2, the next generation of smartwatch Galaxy Watch 3 is also expected to be in sync with the Galaxy Note 20 series.

Big screen barstick: Galaxy Note 20 released August 5

Galaxy Note 20 Rendering