Redsewell’s European shares closed higher on Monday after EU approval for conditional listing

European stocks closed higher on Monday (July 6) as investors focused on the prospects for economic recovery and possible progress in drugs to treat the new crown pneumonia. The European Commission said on Friday that Gilead’s antiviral drug Remdesivir had been conditionally approved for use in the European Union, making it the first drug approved in the region to treat the virus.

Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline have reached a supply agreement worth 500m pounds ($624m) to buy 60m doses of potential vaccine.

Redsewell's European shares closed higher on Monday after EU approval for conditional listing

The World Health Organization’s lead researcher, Swaminatan, said trials of Redsivir would continue, but WHO was unable to explicitly list the drug as an anti-neo-coronavirus. “The second phase of the test will begin in a few months, ” Swaminatan, WHO’s chief researcher, said in an interview, according to Russia’s satellite news agency on July 6. It will take some time to complete the first phase of the experiment. States are ready to issue urgent recommendations. But there is no indication that Redsewe will reduce the death rate. WHO currently has no official recommendation for the drug. “

She said the first phase of the trial included a validity test for Redsewe. WHO will set up a special committee to identify new drugs for participation in the second phase of the trial. Among them, a variety of immunomodulators, antiplatelet drugs and mononucleosomes are considered. Mononucleic antibody drugs that are currently undergoing safety testing are more promising.

In the past 24 hours, more than 200,000 new cases of pneumonia have been confirmed worldwide, a new record, including about 130,000 new cases in the Americas. Over the weekend, a surge in confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in the United States and record numbers of cases of new crown pneumonia in several states. In the past four days, Florida has increased its number of cases by more than 10,000 in three days, including 1,059 on Sunday. Cases in Arizona, California and Texas are also soaring, and in the Midwest states, where infection rates have fallen, are also rebounding, Reuters reported.

In corporate news, Commerzbank Chief Executive Mark Zilke and Chairman Schmittman were sacked on Friday after shareholder protests led in part by US private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management, and the search for a new leadership this week will be the focus.