Tom Hanks on Greyhound’s switch to streaming: heartbreaking

The Greyhound, a World War II film starring Tom Hanks, will premiere on Apple TV Plus on Friday, July 10, according tomedia reports, and he gave an interview to the Guardian ahead of its premiere. It is reported that “Greyhound” was originally scheduled to be released in cinemas this summer, but because of the new crown outbreak push, eventually, Apple’s streaming platform won the exclusive rights to the film.

Tom Hanks on Greyhound's switch to streaming: heartbreaking

In the interview, Hanks spoke candidly about his vision for the film’s transition from big-screen blockbusters to streaming movies. Interviews reported that “Greyhound” is a particularly fond of Hanks, he has worked hard for nearly a decade, so for the final release channel change, he said, is really heartbreaking, “I don’t want my Apple boss angry, but the (streaming platform) of the image and sound quality (with the cinema) is not the same.”

But Greyhound is hanks’s favorite film, which he’s worked on for nearly a decade, is a sweeping war movie that really should be seen on the big screen. So the plan changed, he said, “absolutely heartbreaking.” “I’m not trying to make my Apple boss angry, but the quality of the picture and the sound is different.”

Since the deal was agreed to by Hanks himself, Hanks suffered less frustration than other theaters that were directly switched to streaming platforms. As far as Hanks’s film record is concerned, this is the first time the actor’s film has gone directly to streaming.