Cybersecurity firm OPSWAT counts the most popular Windows antivirus products

A new study by OPSWAT, a cybersecurity firm, shows that anti-virus products developed by Symantec, ESET and McAfee are now the top choice for most Windows users. According to OPSWAT, Symantec leads the Windows antimalware market with 13.56 percent of the market, with Symantec Endpoint Protection accounting for 10.75 percent.

ESET came in second with 12.84 percent, with ESET Endpoint Antivirus and ESET Endpoint Security taking 4.53 percent and 3.7 percent, respectively. In third place, McAfee has 12.21 percent of the share, thanks to McAfee Endpoint Security, which currently accounts for 9.61 percent of devices with McAfee software installed. Bitdefender, Kaspersky and Avast were fourth and sixth, at 10.77 percent, 7.66 percent and 6.98 percent, respectively.

The market share chart given by OPSWAT does not include Windows Defender because OPSWAT does not believe that its products accurately represent the user’s choice spally because they are pre-installed on many Windows systems and cannot be removed. On the other hand, while Windows Defender is not included in the OPSWAT study, recent antivirus tests have shown that Microsoft security products are at least as effective as third-party alternatives.

Windows Defender has become a fully functional antivirus product with advanced features such as real-time scanning, cloud analytics, and ransomware protection, pre-installed on Windows 10, so all devices can be protected by default. In the latest version of Windows 10, Windows Defender has evolved into Windows Security Center, with more advanced control and access features, including parental tools and other features that protect Windows 10 devices from most threats.

Cybersecurity firm OPSWAT counts the most popular Windows antivirus products

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