PS5 game price selling or generally up 25%

Sony has announced the design, hardware details, and a range of accessories including the DualSense wireless handle/charging dock, HD camera, Pulse 3D wireless headphones, and more. But the company has yet to disclose the upcoming full list and price of the game. It is assumed that the PS5 standard version with optical drive could be available in the European market for 499 euros. As for the digital version without an optical drive, or further pull down to 399 euros.

PS5 game price selling or generally up 25%

(from: LetsGoDigital)

Despite the lack of awareness of the price, the PS5’s game performance and improvements are quite desirable, such as up to 4K to 120fps, high-speed SSDs, hardware-grade ray tracing, and 3D Audio.

As some of the biggest names in the PS5 exclusive game, Marvel Spider-Man: Mylesmo Lalles, GT Racing 7, Ricky and Tinker: Split, The Big Adventure of The Mabu, Death Cycle, And Godfall will all be released in the fall of 2020.

PlayStation 5 Black Edition (via)

According to LetsGoDigital, a Dutch technology blog, the entry price for the PlayStation 5 is exactly the same as the PS4 of seven years ago (i.e. 399 euros). Given that the hardware itself is not very profitable, the company is attracting more players through games and value-added subscription services.

Many ps4 games that are already on the market are currently priced at around 59.99 euros, but from the price of several games listed by the, a well-known Dutch online retailer, the PS5 games are either 25% or more price selling or more to 74.99 euros.

PS5 game price selling or generally up 25%

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Currently listed on’s website, THE HORIZON 2: The World’s Grand Theft Auto 5, Marvel Spider-Man: Miles Morales, GT Racing 7, Ricky and Ding- : Split, And The Crowd Godfall are listed for just 74.99 euros.

Although it has not yet been officially available, interested players can already book on the website. Sony has yet to confirm the final price of the game, but the credibility of the is still quite high.

PS5 game price selling or generally up 25%

(Picture via LetsGoDigital)

The good news is that the PS5 provides backward compatibility for most PS4 games. Of the more than 4000 PS4 games that have been released, the top 100 have been guaranteed this.

Finally, the PS5 is expected to be available in stores this fall (November 20 / Friday). (The above animated video was commissioned by LetsGo Digital and produced by Italian designer Giuseppe Spinnelli)