Samsung says still hasn’t solved Galaxy Note 9 screen discoloration

Samsung released an update this year that resulted in a “color-changing overheat” glitch on the device screen of the Galaxy Note 9. Around the same time (April 2020), another user complained of a similar problem on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Despite Samsung’s commitment to try to resolve it, the problem seems to still be there. Some users were advised to change screens after they went to samsung service centers, while others did not get any response from Samsung on the matter.

Samsung says still hasn't solved Galaxy Note 9 screen discoloration

(Photo via SlashGear)

While most of the problems spread in April 2020, some Galaxy Note 9 users reported that they had been in the middle of the march 2020 update.

On the Samsung Galay Note Community Forum, you can see that many Note 9 Telegram users are slow to spit Samsung in a group.

Two other new topics were released in half a month and July 2, respectively, and the latest round of complaints focused on the June 2020 system update.


Samsung delivered a response to at least one Galaxy Note 9 through the customer support app, which states:

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please take your device to the nearest service center for inspection after the locked problem is over.

Please be assured that our team will be there to assist you and can be retrieved at the Samsung Service Center’s ‘Access to Your Location – near the Service Center’.

Hopefully, before more problems break out, Samsung can fix them through a software update, rather than delaying the need to force a lot of effort and cost to replace the hardware.