The new “Batman v Superman” re-cut is an example.

The ultimate edited version of the DC superhero movie “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”, directed by Zack Snyder, has been released exclusively on HBO Max for more than three hours. The film was released worldwide on March 25, 2016, Chinese mainland grossing $618 million.

“HBO’s parent company is Warner, and it’s normal business purpose to stream the platform with a library and a variety of gimmicks, and it’s possible to create a model where you’re going to put a version of the theater line and a version or a double ending on the web.” An Internet studio worker said so.

In addition to this film, there will be a new version of the other Super UK films. According tomedia reports, the 2017 release of the Ultra-British film “Justice League” will also officially confirm that the production of a director’s editing version, and next year will be landing on HBO Max.

“Zack thinks that the 2017 release, which he wasn’t involved in the clip (which was released as Joe Whedon’ clip), has a lot of compromise and regret, a lack of respect for his directorial identity, so he has to let fans see his clip version.” An industry insider who knows the North American film market better believes that the pressure on Warner by directors and fans led to the film’s re-editing.

At the same time, the industry insider also believes that “Warner chose to come up with a small tens of millions of times for reshoot, and choose to re-play on the platform line is not silly, they think there is playing value, at least streaming, back to this is no problem.” “It’s just a case, it’s not going to be a universal phenomenon, ” he says, as to whether the re-editing of this super-British film and its streaming will become a trend. “