Micron releases new microSD card with maximum storage capacity of up to 1TB

Micron announced the launch of a new range of micro SD memory cards, called the i300 series, with capacities ranging from 32GB to 1 TB to meet the edge storage needs of the video surveillance market and other industrial applications, with the largest storage capacity model being the Micron i300 1TB3 microSDX UHS-I. It can hold 1TB of data and is the highest capacity of any micro SD card.

Micron’s new microSD card uses Micron’s own advanced 96-layer 3D four-stage unit (QLC) NAND technology, which is less expensive than centralized storage. The i300 Series microSD card enables video surveillance system users to capture and store high-quality video footage on the device for more than three months.

Micron said the Micron i300 industrial-grade microSD card for edge storage opens up a wide range of video surveillance possibilities for service deployments that no longer require local network video recorders. The Micron i300 1TB microSDXC card continuously captures and stores up to 1TB of high-quality video in the camera, 24/7.

Micron’s industrial-grade microSD portfolio is designed to withstand the harsh environments in which monitoring systems are deployed. Among them, the Micron i300 1TB microSDXC card minimizes frame loss in a 24/7, 30 frames per second (FPS) recording environment, providing twice the reliability of the hard drive at an average failure time of 2 million hours. These series of products have intelligent tools for monitoring device health.

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