World’s Longest Conjoined Brother Dies: 68 Years of Common Body

The world’s longest-lived conjoined twins, Ronnie Gayle and Donnie Gayle, died July 4 in their hometown of Dayton, Ohio, at the age of 68,media reported. It is understood that the conjoined twin brothers were born in Dayton on October 28, 1951, when they were born in good health and spent the first two years of their lives in hospital. The two have separate hearts, lungs and stomachs, each with two legs, connected only to the lower abdomen.

When their parents were told that the operation would separate the two men and there was no guarantee that both sons would survive, they refused the operation.

In 2014, on the eve of their 63rd birthday, Guinness World Records certified them as the world’s longest-lived conjoined twins (the oldest conjoined twins were 63 years old.

It is reported that when the twins were 3 years old, their father decided to take them on a carnival tour to support their families, where they had been working and earning a lot until they retired in 1991.

Despite their unconventional lives, Donnie and Ronnie knew they had no regrets about their lives. “We had a good time growing up,” Ronnie said. Downey echoed the sentiment, “We have a good life.” “

World's Longest Conjoined Brother Dies: 68 Years of Common Body