Users find Windows 10 update assistant launch forced update: help you rise from v1803 to v1903

Windows 10 v1803 is scheduled to end next month (November 12), however, one user in that release reported that after Microsoft pushed update notifications, v1903 actually started a mandatory download in update assistant, the close button is gray, and there is no “cancel” option in the dialog box.

Users said Microsoft’s reminder update was understandable, but mandatory upgrades were hard to accept. In addition, November 12 this time point is also very interesting, it is said that the windows 10 v1909 official version will be pushed on this day.

In addition to the Windows 10 inter-iteration, Windows 7, which was “retired” in January, also received a large number of notifications of end-of-support to urge updates.

用户发现Windows 10“易升”发起强制更新:帮你从v1803升到v1903

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