Panasonic CEO: Musk is overly optimistic “genius”

Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, is a “genius that is against common sense and may be too optimistic,” the chief executive of Panasonic said On Tuesday,media reported. The Japanese company is cautiously beginning to expand its battery partnership with the US carmaker.

“I think only geniuses can have vision, and i know the genius is Elon Musk,” Kazuhiro Tsuga said at a youth entrepreneurs event.

Mr. Hiroshi’s comments about Mr. Musk come as Panasonic and Tesla are in talks to expand their joint battery plant in Nevada, where production problems and delays have strained their partnership over the past few years.

‘Because of over-optimism, geniuses like Musk can ignore the inconvenience and move directly on his vision, ‘ Mr. Tsakamoto said at the event. “Most things don’t really matter compared to that vision.”

“I can never imitate him,” he said. He added that it might be safe for everyone not to imitate him.

Panasonic’s partnership with Tesla dates back more than a decade, but it was Hiroshi Tsinga’s decision to place a $1.6 billion bet on a battery plant in Nevada.