Foreign Media Survey: Delta Air Lines May Be safest for U.S. Airlines during new crown pop

According tomedia reports, during the New Crown virus pandemic, a reporter on the united States four different airlines after seven flights, determined that if absolutely to travel, Delta Air Lines may be the safest airline. Due to the PREVALENCE OF COVID-19, EVERY AIRLINE TAKES SOME PRECAUTIONS, BUT SOME AIRLINES TAKE ADDITIONAL STEPS TO BLOCK THE MIDDLE SEATS AND ALLOW PASSENGERS TO CHANGE FOR FREE. Delta Air Lines does best to keep passengers safe from boarding to disembark.

Foreign Media Survey: Delta Air Lines May Be safest for U.S. Airlines during new crown pop

Business Insider reporter Thomas Pallini said he took seven flights with four major U.S. airlines in June. He flew once on Delta Flights and twice on American Airlines, United and Southwest Airlines. All four airlines have their own very different policies, but by the end of the month, Pallini had no difficulty picking a winner.

Pallini classifies his experience sonings at each airline into four different types. Block the middle seat or allow free transfer, boarding, in-flight service, and disembarkation.

Starting July 1, American Airlines began filling its flight capacity, rather than blocking any intermediate seats. If a passenger is on a crowded flight, if there is a seat available, you can choose to transfer to another flight for free. In addition to having the option of selecting a middle seat in advance, passengers travelling in Basic Economy may be automatically assigned to the middle seat, even if there are other aisle or window seats. If a passenger is not satisfied with their seat position, it is usually only the check-in clerk or gate agent who has the power to change the seat allocation.

In terms of seating, American appears to be the loosest, with United allocating mid-seats only after 70 percent of its capacity, Southwest only allowing two people per row (except for families), and Delta air blocking all intermediate and even some aisle seats until September 30.

All airlines require to wear masks, all airlines have signs about keeping a social distance or cleaning procedures, and most airlines (except American Airlines) are trying to get passengers on board from behind to front so that no one needs to pass a row of people to the back of the plane, but Pallini feels the most relaxed when flying with Delta.

During the pandemic, Delta Air Lines made changes to almost every aspect of its flights to make it easier for passengers without making too many compromises on service. From placards and information signs in the gate area to blocking intermediate seats and maintaining in-flight service, Delta is leading the way in a number of ways, albeit limited.