“Genesis: War Age” both look: high-speed electric scooter series will start next year

Formula 1 and Formula E drivers have started a new series of racing races that will compete on ultra-fast custom-made electric scooters,media reported. The series, known as Electric Scooter Championship, will take place in 2021. The video released shows the racers driving the Genesis: War Time-style cars and flying through the city streets in matching neon-style gear.

Unfortunately, however, few other details about the series have been revealed, such as its source of funding and who the contestants will be. But according to organizers, the affordability of the event eliminates the high threshold of most other racing series, and its diversity means it can welcome truly diverse competitors such as racers, cyclists, skaters, snowboarders, motorcyclists and even e-race rsors.

But whoever competes puts themselves in a very dangerous position, as the scooters are said to have a top speed of 100km/h. To cope with this speed, they will feature large platforms, thick tires and full suspension structures. But even with the use of top-notch protective gear in purpose, this speed can still be a big risk. As for where the scooters will come from, organizers say they are already working with a well-known high-tech supplier and will release the prototype later this year, but they have not named the company.