Google AI head on AI: Not inclusive enough

Jeff Dean, A senior fellow and senior vice president at Google, spoke on Twitter about the lack of inclusion in his industry,media reported. Dean is understood to have joined Google in 1999 and now heads the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) division. He has a very high reputation within Google and, as a computer scientist, he has made many contributions to the field.

Dean says that while AI has the potential to radically change many different areas of modern society, it has a problem with inclusion. In a rare public comment by executives, Dean acknowledges that while the field needs to accept everyone in order to realize AI’s true potential, it is absolutely not possible to do so as things stand.

Racial discrimination

Dean makes no secret of racism – “There are too many people in this field who demean, insult, harass, insult or make them feel unwelcome.” “

Dean acknowledges that the behavior is disproportionately directed at whitepeople, and that they target people who are not white, so they need to define it.

Lack of diversity

Dean argues that racism makes things worse when there is a lack of different voices in computer science. In response, he cited a tweet that noted that in 2019 there were only 13 Black Ph.D. graduates, or about 1 percent of the total.

Dean points out that people from different backgrounds, races, socioeconomic status, countries, genders, and professional fields need to come together to improve AI and computer science.

Tilt technology

Dean points out that the lack of diversity in AI and computer science often means that key issues affecting different groups are ignored or ignored and not given the attention they deserve.

He referred to the Gender Shades project, which specializes in commercial common face recognition APIs and identifies harmful gender and racial biases. Dean says many APIs are now disabled because of the potential harm.

Microsoft, Amazon and IBM announced last month during a Black Lives Matter protest across the United States that they would not sell face recognition technology to law enforcement.

Positive action

Dean urged the need to actively promote the diversity needed in computer science. He noted that there was an urgent need for more encouragement, guidance and inclusion to support and promote those voices. He praised individuals and organizations that bring new voices to the tech community by encouraging people to pursue AI and machine learning as careers, and called on the community as a whole to support them.

In fact, Dean doesn’t shy away from looking inside, saying google AI and other parts of Google have room for improvement. He revealed that many of his colleagues, including himself, had been doing the same work.

Finally, Dean calls for everyone to be inclusive, to speak out when they see bad behavior, and to actively encourage the diversity needed in this area. In addition, he said he hoped that many of his industry colleagues would agree with him.