The Initiative Studio or this month’s Microsoft Xbox Game Show

Microsoft has announced that it will host a major Xbox game show on July 23, including Halo: Infinity, Rare’s Everwild, and new games from studios such as the legendary Playground Games and Obsidian. However, it has been reported that Microsoft’s new studio, The Initiative, will miss a game show later this month, and the studio’s new games do not know when they will be delayed.

The Initiative Studio or this month's Microsoft Xbox Game Show

(Figure via WCCFTech)

Jeff Grubb of VentureBeat said the rumor was disclosed, though it is likely to have something to do with the studio’s timing. As a studio set up in 2018, The Initiative may not be ready yet.

The studio is understood to have been founded by Crystal Dynamics and Activision veteran Darrell Gallagher, and has brought in a number of talent from 3A studios such as R Star, Sony Mutual San Diego, EA DICE and many others.

The Initiative Studio or this month's Microsoft Xbox Game Show

Microsoft has yet to say what the Initiative is doing, but Phil Spencer has revealed that the studio’s main task is to “develop new ways of interpreting the old and the new” and that the studio is rumoured to be working to revive Dare’s Perfect Dark series.

Curiously, The Initiative’s Twitter account was emptied today. While there has been speculation that the studio will announce its blockbuster during the Xbox show in late July, the latest rumours seem to be not the case.