Tesla’s market value rises a day out of a Ford, Musk asked when to cash out

In addition to surpassing Toyota as the world’s most valuable car company by a market capitalisation of more than $200 billion, Tesla’s stock is also rising spectacularly in the U.S. stock market. It is reported that on the first trading day after the National Day holiday in the United States, on July 6th, the Nasdaq-listed Tesla’s share price soared, rising 13.48 percent in a single day to close at $1,371.58, with a market capitalization of $254.251 billion, and the share price rose $162.92 in a single day, adding $30 billion to its market value.

Tesla's market value rises a day out of a Ford, Musk asked when to cash out

Ford, the using maker of traditional U.S. cars, edged down 0.32 percent to close at $6.17 on the day, with a market capitalization of $24.623 billion. To put it another way, it’s the equivalent of Tesla’s market value, rising one Ford in a day. Such a crazy share price, really make the traditional car manufacturers sweat.

Tesla’s shares surged for days, rising 1.33 percent to $1,389.86 on Tuesday, giving founder Musk a boost.

Seeing Tesla’s rise, some netizens also raised speculation that Musk would be able to cash in. And there’s a direct soul torture of Musk.

Ashley Vance, author of Musk’s biography “Silicon Valley Iron Man,” said on the social network that he knew Musk wanted to take a stake in Tesla to show his commitment and commitment to the company and business, but that one day he would cut his cash.

Musk did not respond positively to the question, saying the long-term goal of holding Tesla shares is to help ensure that humans can survive on multiple planets, a business that is expected to cost a lot of capital in 10 years.

In fact, at Musk’s level, money is just an increase in numbers for them. Musk’s previous attitude to wealth was also interesting, even showing less interest in money than China’s Jack Ma.

In the past few days, Musk sold four properties in Los Angeles to real estate developers for $62.5 million. Musk had previously tweeted that he was selling tangible assets and would no longer own a house, for the sake of freedom, and that he did not need cash to devote himself to Mars and Earth, believing that wealth would only crush you.