Is it environmentally friendly without a straw? The problem behind it is obviously not that simple.

The first time I had the concept of “environmental protection” came from when I was a child, “protecting the environment, everyone is responsible”, but also the first time produced a sense of mission. But as time went on, my attitude to the word began to get complicated. On June 30, 2020, McDonald’s China announced that it would phase out the straws in nearly a thousand restaurants in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and further reduce plasticity in food packaging.

Is it environmentally friendly without a straw? The problem behind it is obviously not that simple.

Instead, it will be a cup lid with its own mouth, and for drinks and foods containing solids, such as pearl milk tea and macaque, will still be equipped with straws.

McDonald’s China told the media that the plastic reduction measures will cover all McDonald’s restaurants Chinese mainland by 2020. By then, it is expected to reduce the amount of plastic by about 400 tons per year. Zhang Jiaying, McDonald’s China chief executive, then said that using McDonald’s size to reduce the “small step” of straw can also be a “big step” in sustainable development.

Is it environmentally friendly without a straw? The problem behind it is obviously not that simple.

On the face of it, McDonald’s has turned the previous combination of “suckers and cup covers” into a cup cap with its own mouth, which has indeed reduced the use of plastic supplies to some extent. However, netizens on this matter is not so “unified”, can be roughly divided into three groups, some netizens support McDonald’s change, protect the environment;

Just so-called no investigation has no say, so I went to a McDonald’s in Beijing’s West Great Hope Road, personally “tasting” this with its own mouth-to-mouth cup cover, by the way to solve the problem of dinner.

“There’s still room for improvement on this cup cover.”

At the dinner point, McDonald’s diners are bustling, as soon as you enter the store you can feel the difference in this shop, the straw box on the dining table has been gone, replaced by this issue of linked children’s package toys.

After ordering the meal, the waiter’s little sister handed me my meal, and I had to say that I was sucking, in all senses. Coke’s lid has become a new cup cap with its own mouth, but it’s worth noting that the store is packed in paper bags, whether it’s packing or eating. At least in this store, there are no straws or trays in the customer’s eye.

Is it environmentally friendly without a straw? The problem behind it is obviously not that simple.

New cup cover

We turn our perspective back to the cup cover itself, which is very similar to the takeaway coffee, is transparent and feels thinner than the original cup cover. I opened the small lid on the mouth, began to “taste”, i have to say that the mouth of the mouth is a little small, drink it is a little but addictive, and the small lid on the mouth will be directly attached to the lips, plus its own texture is thin, so there is a little discomfort.

From my personal experience, the use of this new cup cover experience only stays in the “can use” stage, greatly affecting the summer drinking ice cola pleasure, good life. In a sense, it’s better to remove the lid and drink it directly to your mouth.

Is it environmentally friendly without a straw? The problem behind it is obviously not that simple.

Open the small lid on the new cup cover

Although this cup cover with its own mouth still has a lot of room to upgrade, but after all, it is only a plastic packaging, why cause so much dissatisfaction on the Internet? This has a lot to do with the commercial bundling of environmental protection sources in recent years.

“Everything is environmentally friendly”

Environmental protection has always been a public issue involving all mankind, which is why we put forward a number of sustainable development, afforestation, energy conservation and emission reduction, industrial upgrading and other programs to improve pollution control efforts and levels. However, the concept of environmental protection in the commercial world, there may be a bit of a bias, this is evident in artificial meat.

Is it environmentally friendly without a straw? The problem behind it is obviously not that simple.


In the first half of this year, restaurant giants such as Starbucks, KFC and Stick John launched their own artificial meat products, and these products are really available. However, note that the artificial meat mentioned here is plant meat, the legume protein through high temperature, high pressure and other processing methods, so that plant protein to obtain a similar muscle fiber taste, and then in the use of synthetic hemoglobin, so that these plant meat has a closer to the taste of real meat. So to some extent, you can think of plant meat as a luxurious version of spicy strips.

Is it environmentally friendly without a straw? The problem behind it is obviously not that simple.

The reasons for the introduction of plant meat are many, and animal husbandry pollution, humanitarian, animal welfare and technology development and other reasons related, so plant meat in the propaganda caliber, “protecting the environment” is the absolute core of the idea. But to implement the consumer, but also to label the “health” “fitness” concept. That’s why you can always look at elements such as “healthy”, “dietary” and “protect ingesting the planet” in the product, and businesses are trying to confuse the difference between it and real meat products, rather than going vegetarian. Moreover, it remains to be seen whether the emergence of these plant meats could actually reduce emissions.

In fact, the birth of plant meat has a very important significance – allowing more people to get the protein the body needs, rich and poor. But with a variety of environmental concepts and the addition of circle-based ideas, plant meat has become a small circle of labels, even a product of some kind of hunting, and the price is not cheap.

Is it environmentally friendly without a straw? The problem behind it is obviously not that simple.

“A thousand levels of different beef”

Of course, these questions may be a bit boring, so we might as well focus on a more practical question : is plant meat delicious? To this end, I specifically went to Starbucks to buy a “different beef thousand levels.” It has to be said that there is a meaty taste, but the taste is a bit thin compared to the real meat, and because it is in the form of “meat sauce”, so there is always a feeling of endless eating. On the whole, it tastes good, but after eating you’ll want to eat real meat.

If you think plant meat is a little distant, say something closer to the average consumer, such as a cell phone.

It follows the news that the iPhone 12 will be removed from the charging head attached to the phone, with consumers either using their old old charging head or needing to buy a new one. In addition to the charging head, the headset may also not be included in the phone’s packaging.

Is it environmentally friendly without a straw? The problem behind it is obviously not that simple.

iPhone 12 Box Exposure

Although the news has not been officially confirmed, it may only be waiting for the release of the phone to know whether to cancel the phone with the charging head, but has been some people and the media early brand edacity, that is, reduce the use of electronic components, plastics and other materials, reduce the environmental impact of related production. But the charging head is no more than the headset, the song may not listen, but the charge can not not be charged, even if apple users have iPhone headphones, charging head, that from other brands, or no new users of the iPhone? What are they going to do? Is it a bit extreme to be environmentally friendly by sacrificing the user experience and creating trouble for consumers?

Is it environmentally friendly without a straw? The problem behind it is obviously not that simple.

Apple 20W Power Adapter

Let’s take a different view, assuming the iPhone 12 doesn’t really deliver a charging head, which also increases the chances of buying third-party accessories to some extent, and the lower price is more attractive. Further, the varying quality of third-party accessories may also increase the safety risks and fire hazards for consumers when charging. In addition, let’s think differently, if the future mobile phone is no longer attached to the charging head, then this part of the cost reduction will be reflected in the price?

In addition to the business side, there are western climate activists who are “physically”.

When it comes to climate activists, the first thing that comes to mind may be Greta Thornberg, the “green girl”, who has turned environmental protection into a simple campaign slogan, skipping the complex and boring scientific argumentation process of environmental protection, arguing that by shouting slogans, we can reduce carbon emissions and protect the planet. From my personal point of view, I would like to believe that she is sincere about environmental protection, but the way is somewhat extreme, for rich countries, development is a fundamental right, it is not possible to give up their own development to reduce emissions, after all, everyone wants to live a rich life similar to Sweden.

Environmental protection is done.

It is inevitable that we will produce pollution in the process of industrialization and modernization, but because the problems arising from development can only be solved by development, and through continuous development to enhance social productivity, we can have enough strength to solve environmental problems. Moreover, the results of the problem solving can be seen.

In February, NASA released a message showing that china and India have been doing well in the past two decades, thanks to afforestation projects and intensive agricultural management in both countries, according to NASA satellite monitoring data. Of these, china alone has increased vegetation by at least 25 per cent of the world’s total vegetation growth over the past 17 years.

Is it environmentally friendly without a straw? The problem behind it is obviously not that simple.

Mauusu Desert

Specifically, once one of China’s eight deserts, the Maowusu Desert, then engulfed farmland pastures 1.2 million mu, 6 towns, 412 villages were buried by wind and sand attacks, the city of Yulin each year due to soil erosion into the Yellow River sediment as high as 530 million tons, accounting for one-third of the amount of yellow sediment in the upper and middle reaches. Pasture desertification, salinization, land degradation is serious, forming a “sand into the people retreat” passive situation.

After a long period of governance, greenhouse vegetables, greenhouse breeding, nursery industry, desert tourism in the local boom, the city engaged in the sand industry enterprises and institutions reached more than 150, the annual output value of 480 million yuan, more than 100,000 employees. In the past, 1.5 million acres of farmland, which had been damaged by wind and sand, had changed from barren land to now stable and high-yielding farmland. Under the protection of the protective forest barrier, the city of Yulin, where it is located, has become the largest potato city and the second largest “granary” in Shaanxi Province, the largest city for raising sheep, and achieving all-round social and economic development. Moreover, as the barren land becomes a place of life, the Mauusu Desert provides an ideal habitat for more than 30 species of wild migratory birds in China, and the lake’s redstone island has become the largest breeding and habitat of china’s remaining gulls.

For ordinary people, taking public transport and cycling is also a good way to protect the environment, even if we take a plane, a car, or a car, resulting in emissions, is also the normal emissions of daily life.

Write at the end

Environmental protection is a very good and necessary thing, but with the economic development and the birth of various new things, “environmental kidnapping” things may continue to occur, then we should be on environmental protection in the future what kind of attitude?

In a word, Jinshan Silver Mountain is not as good as green water green mountains.